TR National Park Redesign

Theodore Roosevelt National Park Brochure
Theodore Roosevelt National Park Brochure

Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration

We all have to make money some way. So I have recently taken to cleaning up photos and restoring them. This is one I did recently for a client who had more than 200 for me to go through. The client took pictures of his pictures and shared them with me in Dropbox. I brought them in to Photoshop. First I would adjust different things in camera raw. I found this was the easiest way to remove a great deal of the color casts. I tweaked everything until I felt it was right. I then continued with it to Photoshop. There I carefully went over details and removed scratches and dust with the clone stamp and spot healer. It was tedious, but as you can see, the end result was worth it. Until I have a better grasp on graphic design, I will continue fixing images and removing backgrounds.



This week I had an exercise to make a two page spread, like it was an excerpt from a children’s book. This is what I came up with. I made this in Photoshop, and it took me quite some time. One thing I am glad of, is that I took a digital painting class online a few years ago. I was able to take the skills I learned in that class and apply them to this illustration. Granted it needs more work, maybe a few solid days of tweaks and adjustments. But the foundation came out just the way I wanted it. I was aiming for is to look like fall, and that they were in a field of wheat or something along those lines. The digital painting class, for anyone who may be interested was with Don Seegmiller, through the CGSociety.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of those Mommas out there! As a mother of three, I can relate. Hopefully those of you who aren’t mothers have done something nice for your mom. My kids gave me a wonderful flower in a pot that they made themselves. My son picked a flower and gave it to me. This is a picture of one of those times he did the same thing. The photo was taken in North Carolina at my Dad’s workplace. I don’t know the kind of flower; so feel free to let me know if you know. But I do know that I liked it and took a picture of it.

On a side note, and more importantly, I dedicate this to my own mother. She isn’t with me anymore, in fact, I lost her in March. A disease that was too strong in the end took my mom too soon. I love her and miss her every day. Today would have been a day that I would have gone to see her and tell her how thankful I was that she was my mom. I would have brought her some flowers, because she loved them so much. She loved the wild looking ones, not your typical roses or carnations. Something like what my son picked. I would have worked on the mural I promised her for her house. It was going to be a first person view through a wooded clearing of animals and birds and a waterfall. One day I will paint it, so until then, Happy Mother’s Day Mom, I love you and miss you!